Monday, April 16, 2007

Dear "Hockey is clean in the playoffs" Bloggers

I can't help but grin when I think of all the times I have read columnists and bloggers point toward the NHL playoffs as an example of great hockey that is played without fights.

While I can agree that the NHL playoffs have been very exciting thus far, I have to point out that they have been characterized by countless cheap hits and a number of fights that have boiled over from extremely chippy play.

And can you please name the two series that have captured the most attention on major sports news channels? That's correct... the Penguins/Senators and Predators/Sharks series.

And, my sincere apologies, but it ain't because of Sid the Kid and Joe Thornton.

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1) Dead-on! The series with the most intensity(fights/hits) is what gets the most attention, and fan interest
2) The NHL hopefully is watching/realizing that this is what sells the game most. Not high scoring no hitters!