Sunday, January 26, 2014

Top Ten Hockey Fights of the 2000's Decade

Definitely a little late on this one. But from Fried Chicken's colleagues, here are the top 10 fights from the 2001 to 2010.


I was recently asked what my favorite fight of all time is. And while I was huge Stephen Peat fan, his fight with P.J. Stock is slightly overrated. Sure, it was a helluva scrap by two very tough guys. But we've seem more punches landed in a fight (see Mirasty -vs- Yablonski) and both guys walked away with no serious injuries, which is exactly what you want to see (when not judging these things). And, for the record, I have Peat edging out Stock in that fight. Stock's face show who landed the better punches. He had a nice mouse on his way to the sin bin.

The best fight for me was #2 on this list - Kyle Freadrich -vs- Ryan Vandenbussche. Freadrich's two front teeth were knocked out in the middle of the fight. They're hard to see in the video. But they go wizzing over Vincent Lecavalier's right shoulder. You can see him dodge them then continue to watch the fight.

Talk about damage! Both men went to the hospital. Both were concussed. Freadrich lost his teeth and suffered a broken nose. Vandenbussche's eye was swollen shut and he had to have surgery on his hand as he had a gash to the bone from knocking out Freadrich's teeth.

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