Monday, February 14, 2011

Matt Cooke, Tim Wallace, and Mario Lemieux

Connect the dots and you'll find hypocrisy at the end.

Matt Cooke --- Widely regarded as the dirtiest player in the NHL, "Cookie" was recently suspended for his upteenth cheap hit of his career, this one against Blue Jacket Fedor Tyutin. That came after his knee to knee hit on Capitals' superstar, Alexander Ovechkin. At that time, the Caps had the game in hand mind you. So Cooke's knee was no accident. Oh wait, the referees called it "tripping." For a few more of Cookie's cheapies, including possibly ending Marc Savard's career, you can watch here.

Mario? Where are you? Nothing to say?

Tim Wallace --- Called up to play against the Capitals following Dave Steckel's clearly accidental elbow to the head of Pens' superstar Sidney Crosby. Wallace averages five fights a year. Steckel a whopping one. So what happens when Wallace gets the call to play his first regular season game in two years? You guessed it. He fights Dave Steckel.

Mario? Where are you? Nothing to say?

The Islanders respond to a blind side hit to Blake Comeau that left him concussed (no call on the play by the way) by pounding the Pens on the scoreboard and in the parking lot. Since the NHL protected Talbot, the Isles exacted their own justice.

Mario? Oh there you are! The owner that once called the NHL "a garbage league" has finally arrived. I guess we can all sit and listen attentively now that he is here.


TJ said...

I told my wife, when Timmy got called up, it was to fight. Too funny. Hello, Mario, where are you?

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