Friday, February 12, 2010

So Exactly What Constitutes a Fight in Today's NHL?

After watching the zebras hand out 5 minute fighting majors to Colton Orr (who got "the package") and Cam Janssen tonight, I am absolutely dumbfounded as to what merits a fighting major these days.

Let me give you three examples. Your head will be spinning by the time this is done.

Example 1: Owen Nolan -vs- Scott "Fire Pants" Hartnell --- 2 Minutes Each for Roughing.

Example 2: Zdeno "No Fighting Majors This Year" Chara -vs- Steve Downie --- Chara Four for Roughing; Downie Two for Holding.

Example 3: Colton Orr -vs- Cam Janssen --- 5 Minutes Each for Fighting.

So Janssen barely throws anything and gets 5? Meanwhile we have Zdeno Chara pounding (gloves off) on a tiny tyke in Downie and he gets 4? Nolan and Hartnell had a full on fight and got 2 each?

Do referees review tapes together at some point and go through reliability checks? If not, it's time to start... with fighting majors preferably.

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