Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bloggers Team Up to Interview Brian Engblom

Versus continued its podcast interviews a few weeks ago, giving a number of bloggers a chance to interview hockey analyst and former NHLer Brian Engblom.

Engblom was an absolute pleasure to interview. He took a lot of time providing a thorough answer to each question.

2MFB asked Engblom a "different" sort of question. After looking up Engblom's fight card at, we noticed that Engblom had a bit of running feud with Capitals' legend Dale Hunter. Engblom had a feeling we were going to ask him about Hunter when we brought up his fight card.

Engblom said that he and Hunter didn't like each other too much on the ice. He also noted that he was probably on a long list of names Hunter has fought and forgot about. Engblom noted that he probably fought to a draw in all of his dozen or so NHL fights. He also went on to say that he supported fighting in hockey and that it served a number of purposes... all things 2MFB loves to hear!

Versus plans to continue it blogger interview podcasts some time in the next month. The next guest has yet to be announced; but I will let you know as soon as I do so you can propose a few questions.

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