Thursday, December 28, 2006

Just Say No To Possible Groin Pulls

Have you seen this? Derek Booggard isn’t allowed to skate during stoppages to stretch his legs any more. As a matter of fact, he received a ten minute misconduct for doing it! According to the ref, he was “inciting.” As the article mentions, he hasn’t fought in over 40 days? Who exactly was he inciting?

The hypocrisy of it is this… only a tough guy could pick up such a penalty. If, let’s say, Jeff O’Neil (who gets LESS ice time than Jim Vandermeer!) were to stretch the old hammies during a t.v. timeout, would he get nailed for ten minutes? No chance. And inciting? The league needs to incite some excitement into the game by actually promoting guys like Derek “The Boogeyman” Booggard instead of slapping tough guys on the wrist for, well, being tough.

Do did you see the Briere spear to the Russian Rocket of Alex Ovechkin? After checking to make sure his utility belt was still in place, Ovechkin went over and asked the Sabers captain to settle their running feud like gentleman. Briere declined. Let’s face it, both players doled out cheap hits. The league should have sent them both a message and suspended them a game each for their respective plays. It could be argued that the Ovechkin hit was an act of poor judgment. The Briere spear, however, was pre-meditated. The Capitals sent their feed to the NHL. Nothing will be done by the league.

To the brass on 6th Avenue, it is in their best interest to protect star players, even when they play dirty. Why waste time with dirty plays when there are much more important things to attend to… like guys stretching his hamstrings during a television timeout?

Site Update – We hope to get a press release out about the Night Out some time early next week. We have also found a site designer that will be drawing up a banner and logo for the site. The logo will also end up on tee-shirts, which we will look to sell in a few months. Proceeds will benefit the site and next year’s Night Out.

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